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Zirconium The Technology of the Future

The novelty of prosthetic treatments now in use in Europe and in the USA consists of the replacement of the classic metallo-ceramic crown (commonly known as the porcelain crown) with Zirconium- based ceramic crowns.

This treatment method has recently gained ground in Romania as well, and it is increasingly preferred to the traditional teeth coating and dental implant procedures.

The international team of specialists at the DentalMed Clinic uses this method mainly due to its unmatched cosmetic advantages. Although Zirconium is a metal (highly resistant), its optic properties provide a natural appearance to the treated teeth so that once cemented inside the mouth cavity, even dentists have difficulties in telling them apart from natural teeth.

Practically, Zirconium becomes the ceramic support that offers the best cosmetic results, the manner in which it reflects light being very similar to that of a natural tooth.

The benefits of this type of material are the result of its properties:

- full compatibility with the mouth cavity tissues, due to the fact that Zirconium is practically bio inert, which eliminates any possibility of allergic reactions

- low risk of affecting the tooth pulp, due to its low thermal conductivity and to the limited preparation of the tooth (requires the removal of a minimum quantity of dental substance - enamel)

- long- lasting results, due to the materials high mechanic resistance and to the total absence of corrosion in the mouth medium

- elimination of the unpleasant taste and of the marginal colouring (phenomena which accompany the restoration of teeth based on classic ceramic crowns), due to the impeccable marginal adaptation of the Zirconium- based ceramic crowns as a result of the use of the CAD/CAM technology

The manufacturing of Zirconium- based ceramic crowns by the dental technician is a computer- assisted process: the CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology allows him to create an accurate copy of the dental impression made by the dentist based on the restored tooth. The difficulty in using this technique comes from the fact that the treatment (polishing) of the teeth must be practically free from errors: once the model resulting from the dental impression is scanned, the resulting information will be sent directly to the computer, without the possibility of subsequently altering it in any way. That is why it is crucial for the prosthetic specialist to gain extensive experience in performing this kind of operations.

The excellent cosmetic and functional results attained by the specialists at the DentalMed Clinic support the strong recommendation in favour of using Zirconium-based ceramic crowns rather than resorting to any other variant of prosthetic restoration treatment.

Source: dental med

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