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Tourism Dentistry

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Tourism Dentistry
Tourism Dentistry means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one\'s own country.

Need for Tourism Dentistry

If your employer provides you with dental insurance benefits you are among the fortunate few. A lot of people do not have dental insurance. So when there is a need to visit the dentist, they find themselves digging deep into their pockets. This is what has given birth to dental tourism. To such people dental tourism offers a low cost high quality alternative.

Dental tourism, which is also sometimes known as tooth tourism or dental travel, is not a recent concept. Americans have been going across the border to Mexico for decades for bargain deals on dental prosthetics, affordable dental implants, discount on dental crowns, etc. It\'s also not uncommon to see American tourists hunting for cheap cosmetic dentistry at dental offices in Panama or dental clinics in Costa Rica.

In the US, the main reason for going abroad for dental care is the cost advantage that the foreign country offers. And in some other cases, it\'s the difficulty in getting the urgently required care on time that leads people to find the care elsewhere.

In Canada and certain European countries with national healthcare system, it\'s the extensive wait-lists that result into their citizens finding other sources to meet their dental care needs.

Benefits of Dental Tourism

Low Cost

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of dental tourism is cost savings. Some countries are able to provide top quality dental care at a low cost because of low labor and administrative costs in those countries.

High Quality

Rest assured that the service that you receive at Healthbase\'s partner dental offices globally will be equal or superior to that you can find in the US. Our partners have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments. They staff dentists who are educated or trained in the US or other western countries.

Immediate Service

Our dental partners will work with your schedule and timeframe to ensure quick access to care. Through Healthbase\'s sophisticated online quote system, your dental and medical records will be made accessible to the dental provider of your choice instantly and hence will be able to get your quote within two business days in most cases.

Great Convenience

The award-winning* comprehensive Healthbase website allows consumers to arrange all aspects of dental tourism from start to finish. Our one-stop service offerings are just one of the ways we strive to provide world-class care.

Travel Opportunities

While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable dental care, for some people it\'s a great opportunity to combine dental care with traveling / vacation. Given the low cost of road, rail and air travel, you can even bring your friends or family along. Also, dental appointments don\'t take much time so lodging expenses are also low. It\'s not unheard of of Americans flocking dental offices in Mexico for cheap dental work during a weekend trip.

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