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The philosophy of the Roots Summit is to share knowledge

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The philosophy of the Roots Summit is to share knowledge
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The philosophy of the Roots Summit is to share knowledge
by Noemí Pascual

BARCELONA, Spain/NEW YORK, USA: In an interview with Dental Tribune, Dr Marc Balson and Dr Fred Barnett discuss new advances in root canal diagnosis and treatment—and how these issues will be addressed at the upcoming Roots Summit, to be held 3–5 June in Barcelona, Spain.

What made you decide to specialize in endodontics?
Dr Fred Barnett: The desire to help people who are suffering with pain, swelling or dental disease.
Dr Marc Balson: Roots has always embraced endodontics because of the global interest of the over 2,000 members of the Roots list server. Endodontics is the perfect blend of science and technology, which creates a living laboratory where the outcomes of your experiments are measured in saving teeth. It is about caring and sharing our knowledge with our colleagues all over the world.

What is the specific philosophy of the organization of the Roots Summit Barcelona 2010?
Dr Balson: Our philosophy is to provide a unique educational experience for summit attendees by bringing together the leading experts in the field of endodontics, operating microscopy, implantology and focused cone beam CAT scan technology. The spirit of Roots is carried forward every year in a new venue. Barcelona is a beautiful and majestic Mediterranean city. We are very proud to be this year’s host city for the Roots Summit of 2010.
Dr Barnett: The philosophy of the Roots Summit is to share knowledge. When this occurs, the ‘bar of excellence’ is raised, not only for the dentist but ultimately for our patients. The quality of care will be enhanced.

What principal topics are going to be covered in the scientific program?
Dr Balson: Some of the principal topics that Roots Summit Barcelona 2010 will offer include the endodontic-implant algorithm; disassembly and retreatment of teeth with crowns; microscopy and endodontic microsurgery; pulpal regenerative techniques; evidenced-based endodontics; and a multitude of clinical techniques and tips that will help attendees learn to provide better quality endodontic care for their patients.

If you had to emphasize an especially interesting invention or new event or technique, which would it be?
Dr Balson: The emergence of focused cone beam CAT scans as a diagnostic tool in endodontics will create a paradigm shift in treatment planning and outcomes assessment. The specialty of endodontics will lead the way in embracing this new armamentaria.

What criteria have you followed to choose the lecturers?
Dr Barnett: The lecturers are leaders in their respective fields of expertise.
Dr Balson: Roots Summit Barcelona 2010 has gone directly to the Roots community for many of its lecturers and has used the vast network available to it to bring other renowned international lecturers.

Which dental professionals will benefit from the scientific program of this meeting?
Dr Balson: Any dental professional whose interests span endodontics, restorative dentistry, microscopy, treatment planning, implants and a myriad of techniques and emerging technologies will find these three days in Barcelona packed with educational opportunities to quench their thirst.
Dr Barnett: I believe that all dentists who attend the summit will gain knowledge.

Who do you believe would be most satisfied with this program?
Dr Balson: This meeting is a cornucopia of endodontic education for everyone. Every person who attends this meeting will leave with important knowledge that will improve their expertise and understanding of the science and art of endodontics.

What number of registrations are expected to be received? Does it differ of previous years?
Dr Balson: Each meeting is a unique building block in the Roots experience that forms the pyramid of knowledge that raises the bar of excellence in endodontics for all dentists globally.

What are the reasons that motivated the choice of Barcelona for participants?
Dr Balson: Barcelona has been the culmination of the collective energy and enthusiasm of Spain’s dentists and dental societies. They have gracefully accepted the challenge that Dr Kenneth Serota asked them to consider over a year ago. Noemí Pascual, Nuria Campo and their Spanish colleagues have been a driving force in bringing this year’s Roots Summit from a distant dream to its proximal reality. Barcelona, a beautiful jewel of the Mediterranean, is a magnificent venue upon which to stage this year’s CE event.
Dr Barnett: Barcelona is a beautiful international city and therefore a great place to hold an international Summit.

Regarding the social program, what activities do you believe will turn out to be most attractive? Have the organizers also considered those accompanying the Congress members?
Dr Barnett: I will say the lunch to be held in the Terrace Restaurant Bestial, where you can enjoy paella on the beach and a buffet. Moreover we will have the opportunity to talk in a relaxed manner with colleagues and friends. As a novelty mention, the two hours of dancing to be offered after dinner on Friday, 4 June, the first Roots party to enjoy and discover the real Barcelona by night. For accompanying members of Congress, I would recommend Barcelona by bike path and the exquisite tapas route.

With such an intense and varied program, are the attendees going to have time to check out the commercial exhibition? Will the actual exhibition be close to the conference rooms?
Dr Balson: The commercial space is being designed as the new user demands: large and comfortable, equipped with optimal communications and general services. It includes a sitting area open to all participants conceived as a meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, which will have computers with wireless connection and the possibility of live blogging. The stands are strategically located in two areas of maximum movement: the area of access to the auditorium with a capacity for 600 people, and opposite the main entrance to the complex AXA. We will offer coffee breaks during the stops in both areas. To extend the networking effect, we will produce a directory of companies, products and contacts that will be delivered to all attendees on arrival at the congress. We believe the return on investment for participating companies will be very positive given the expectation of assistance and international interest has been generated is very large.

How many companies have confirmed their participation? Are you satisfied with the industry’s support?
Dr Barnett: So far, 22 companies and dental industry leaders have joined the congress. Most of them are multinationals with international presence. We are very satisfied with the support of industry and the publishing industry in both sponsorship and dissemination. We thank particularly the provision of microscopes, as well as materials and equipment by multiple companies for the hands-on. Without their cooperation, it would be impossible to organize this conference in general and in particular hands-on.

Obviously, there are endless reasons not to miss this scientific meeting. Would you like to add some another arguments that should encourage the professionals to attend the Roots Summit in Barcelona?
Dr Balson: A great opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones, network with your colleagues and experience world class endodontic continuing education in a remarkable city with your enthusiastic and friendly colleagues from Spain.
Dr Barnett: As a community of dentists, when we all share our expertise, everyone wins.

Where can one find more information about the Roots Summit?
Dr Balson: The best place to find out more about the upcoming Roots Summit is online, at There you can learn more about the scientific program, the speakers, accommodations and much more.

(Edited by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)


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