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Root recession

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Root recession
Root recession: Aesthetic and predictable elimination
The world today wants an aesthetic, youthful appearance as well as good oral health. The dreaded recession,showing exposed roots of a tooth, immediately signifies aging and loss of function. It connotes a negative image—an unattractive and unaesthetic look. The good news is that there are surgical techniques to ameliorate recession and to restore a more youthful image.
In the past, mechanical restorative techniques have been attempted to camouflage recession. Techniques include adding a pinkish colour material to make the root appear as gingival, and placing a crown with the root portion made in pinkish colour porcelain, to match the adjacent gingival colour, and the rest of the porcelain coloured to emulate the natural tooth colour. Of course, this technique requires drilling the natural tooth irreversibly, and it never really captures the natural, realistic colour.

by David L. Hoexter, USA

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