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Prozone confirms effectiveness of ozone dental therapy

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Prozone confirms effectiveness of ozone dental therapy
Prozone confirms effectiveness of ozone dental therapy
by Daniel Zimmermann, DTI

LEIPZIG, Germany: Clinical tests from the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Salzburg in Austria have confirmed that dental treatment with Prozone, a next generation ozone generator by Austrian manufacturer W&H, is highly effective against bacteria strains that are responsible for oro-dental infections and the development of dental caries. In the control study conducted in 2009, samples of Streptococcus mutans and Escherichia coli were gassed immediately and after 1.5 hours with ozone for 24 seconds and several times.

The results demonstrated that treatments with 24 seconds ozone had visible effects on the treated area. In all tests immediate treatment was more effective than treatment after 1.5 hours. When the duration of the treatment was increased, the areas which contain no bacteria or have a low bacterial count also increase.

W&H’s ozone generator has been available to dentists worldwide since 2008. Despite it’s sterilizable ergonomically handpiece, it features preset predefined treatment times which make it easy to manage, the company states. Prozone is suitable for a wide range of dental applications including cavity and surgical disinfection as well as periodontal and endodontic treatment.

Treatment with ozone, a reactive three-oxygen molecule also found in earth’s atmosphere, is a relatively new concept in dentistry. Earlier studies indicate that it only takes a few seconds of therapy to kill 99 percent of bacteria making it a thousand times more powerful than other bacteria killing agents. The new study shows that in order to reach the total potential, treatment has to be performed immediately. Delayed treatment also results in reduced bacteria count but the visible effects are less significant.

Devices utilizing ozone technology such as Prozone expose filtered air to a highly electrical voltage which is directly applied to the treatment area where it destroys bacteria and viruses through oxidation.


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