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New products debut in Chicago

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New products debut in Chicago
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New products debut in Chicago
by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

CHICAGO, USA: New product innovations improve the care that dental professionals are able to give to their patients, and they make act of practicing of dentistry easier, more efficient — and ultimately more profitable. The Midwinter Meeting is traditionally a place where companies unveil new technology, new equipment, new materials and new gadgets of every sort. And this year is no exception.

Those in attendance on opening day of the meeting had the opportunity to visit many companies introducing new products on the exhibit hall floor. Here is a sampling of what has been introduced to dentists on the show floor at the meeting in Chicago:

• The Algin X Ultra alginate alternative has been introduced by DENTSPLY Caulk. According to the company, the new product allows a dentist to pour a model whenever he or she wants, and repour if necessary, for up to two weeks. It features an automix cartridge. DENTSPLY Caulk also previewed its new SmartLite Max L.E.D. curing light, to be officially launched 1 May. Ceramco iC is the new integrated ceramic from DENTSPLY Prosthetics that enables your preferred laboratory partner to create artistic porcelain restorations with exquisite esthetics and the ultimate in shade consistency. Also new from DENTSPLY Prosthetics is Compartis ISUS Bars and Bridges.

• The iLase diode laser, new from BIOLASE Technology is a personal laser for dentists and hygienists designed to perform a full range of minimally invasive soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. Perhaps the best thing about the iLase is its size, about as small as a large pen, yet it has five full watts of power. The iLase, along with two batteries, can be transported in a carrying case the size of an eye glasses case and is the first completely self-contained, hand-held dental laser that includes the laser, user interface, battery power and controls in a single, integrated handpiece with no foot pedals or cords attached. “We expect the iLase to significantly improve workflow in the dental suite by making it easier than ever for any dentist or hygienist to bring laser technology to any patient,” said BIOLASE CEO David M. Mulder. “A clinician can easily carry all the components of the laser in one hand and you don’t have to plug it into a power outlet.”

• The CDR Elite sensor is new from Schick Technologies. According to Vice President of Marketing Jack L. Connelly Jr., the blue and white colors of the sensor make it easier to see inside the mouth. The cable is replaceable, he said. The product is available exclusively through Patterson distributors.

• SPRAYWHITE PRO, a next generation teeth whitener with significant oral hygiene benefits, has been introduced by WOW Oral Care, a division of Carson Laboratories. The patented SPRAYWHITE System removes stains and helps prevent gum irritation and whitens teeth faster, simpler and easier, plus it reduces sensitivity, freshening breath and leaving teeth squeaky clean.

• The KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera with wireless capabilities was introduced by PracticeWorks LLC, the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems. Weighing 94 grams and featuring Wi-Fi technology, the KODAK 1500 Camera provides faster transmission time, more stability and less noise than analog wireless devices, according to the company.

• The new CEREC Biogeneric Software can create a tooth with all morphological structure — including occlusal profile — virtually identical to nature. The tooth morphology is calculated based on a comprehensive library of over 4,000 naturally existing tooth shapes and forms, as well as from information derived from scan of the patient’s neighboring and opposing dentition.

• The VeriFlosser, the “ultimate flosser” for consumers and dental hygienists, is one of several new offerings available from VeriFresh Ltd. The VeriFlosser allows the user to adjust the floss head to any desired angle of use. This means easy access to the rear interdental spaces as well as the front ones. Floss heads may be switched by opening a sliding lock on the handle. Also new from VeriFresh is a gum massager and applicator, and a tongue cleaner.

• Cleankeys one-wipe-clean touch-sensitive wireless keyboard is designed with infection control in mind. “Viruses like H1N1 and other infectious diseases are most commonly spread through people’s hands and shared computer keyboards, but Cleankeys stops that spread,” says Randy Marsden, CEO of Cleankeys Inc.

• The IsodryTi dryfield illuminator dental isolation system is new from Isolite Systems. The original Isolite provides five levels of intra-oral illumination, comfortably retracts the patient’s tongue and cheek, protects the throat and keeps the mouth gently propped open with continuous suctioning of the dental patient. The new product, IsodryTi, is exactly like the Isolite, but without the internal oral lighting.

• Visteo, a digital X-ray sensor that uses magnetic induction, patented exclusively by Ownady, features integrated positioning and versatile 360-degree angulator rotation. Visteo features seven pre-defined sensor positions or an infinite number of positions using its free angulation option. It also features parallel positioning or the option to position it with the bisecting technique. According to the company, its design gives practitioners more mobility and ease in working with patients.


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