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Incognito Braces

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Incognito Braces
Incognito Braces (Invisible) - Lingual Technique. Incognito braces are completely invisible, being aesthetic, prefered by the most of the adults, because of its social impact that conventional vestibular braces cannot have it.

Only a orthodotist can show you all the advantages of a invisible braces.

Years ago, orthodontic treatment was adressed especially to teenagers and pre-adolescents, but since the evolution of fixed treatment techniques, adults benefit more of this type of treatment.

Irrespective of age, orthodontic treatment can improve malocclusion, care increase the efficiency of teeth compared to the function that exerts and can create a perfect smile. Orthodontics means that teeth are repositioned with their roots, its effect is a better support for tooth\'s crown and the orthodontic tratment offers maximum confort and reduces the time of the treatment.

The orthodontic treatment can also reshape the facial appearance to the jaw, lips, chin, especially when its combined with maxilo- facial surgical procedures. Also, for the improvement of the orthodontic treatement, an important aspect is to have a good oral higiene.
How long lasts the treatment with incognito braces?

The treatment lasts just as with conventional vestibular braces, between 1 and 2 years, depending on the event and the anomalies that need to be corrected.
What is the accomodation with this device?

After the ligual device is fixed, the pacient\'s accomodation period is between 10 to 12 days, fast accomodation is facilitated by revolutionary design, flat, tailored, high precision, being perfectly adapted to the patient\'s tooth surfaces.
Of what material is this device made?

The brackets of the Incognito braces are made in Germany, in a special laboratory, using the computer analysis and scanning dental surfaces which are made of gold alloys, minimizing the difficulties with speech and language effort, due to perfect execution.

These brackets can be mounted on the patient\'s mouth only by the orthodontists , who are extremely well trained with such techniques.

What other advantages has this device, excepting the fact that its invisible?

The lingual technque presents a lot of advantages over the conventional braces:
its adressed to all pacients, no matter their age, their social and profesional life;
its can be weared by those pacients who have intense activity (that is the main reason for treating the teeth\'s malloclusion). Also, Incognito techinque is very good for adults having deep hiden occlusion or reversed occlusion;
lingual surface where the brackets will be applied is more resistent to decays than the vestibular one, thanks to the saliva, which permanently cleans this surface;
the incognito braces are anti-alergic, compatable with the human body, being gold made
shows a major pshycological advantage of the treatment\'s evolution, pacients can observe the positive changes from the arcade level (during the treatment with external braces, the evolution being hidden by the brackets and wire arch)

The lingual technique is an excelent option for adults and teenagers, eliminating many clinical difficulties in conventional techniques, providing a positive experience after performing orthodontic treatment.

Having the perfect occlusion being an adult is quite difficult. Having a restorative treatment before the orthodontic treatment can damage the implementation of ideal concepts from orthodontic\'s point of view. More, for adult pacients, it should be a compromise in most of the cases, because of the degenerative changes (by age) of the entire stomatognathic system.

Incognito technique is based on personalising each orthodontic treatment and braces, which are manufactured in proffesional labs at the highest quality. Based on this, the design of each orthodontic treatment is made efficient, particularly for each pacient. The whole orthodontic treatment with Incognito ligual technique is optimised to bring maximum functionality, performance and confort in relation to the specific requirements of each patient.

Velvet Dental Clinics awaits you for your professional orthodontic check up.

Source: Velvet Dental Clinics

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