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Digital imaging

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Digital imaging
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Learning about digital imaging from one who knows
by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

CHICAGO, IL, USA: Christine Hart knows a thing or two about X-rays. As a dental assistant for the past 22 years, 15 of which has been with the practice of Dr Michael Lewis of Rochester, NY, USA, she’s taken her share of diagnostic pictures. But eight years ago, when Dr Lewis purchased a digital imaging system from DEXIS, everything changed. “I absolutely fell in love with this system immediately,” Hart told Dental Tribune Online during an interview at the Midwinter Meeting in Chicago. “I saw firsthand how it changed everybody’s job in our office for the better.”

Hart was so excited about DEXIS, in fact, that five months after she started using the system she joined the company on a part-time basis as an instructor, traveling to dental meetings around the country — including the Chicago event — to help spread the word about the advantages that the digital diagnostic imaging offers to dental practices.

What are those advantages?

Well, to begin with, Hart said, patients like the new way of doing things because the sensor is more comfortable than traditional X-ray mounts. There is less of that “cutting” feeling, less poking and even less gagging. Even more importantly, she said, the larger and more accessible images mean that doctors have a much easier time educating their patients about procedures they need, and patient understanding and acceptance of treatment is much better. Because images are easier to locate, she said, the front office has an easier time sending images to insurance companies for documentation.

Hart has also seen firsthand how much easier it is for dentists to work with digital diagnostic imaging as opposed to traditional X-rays. Because the system provides enlarged images, Hart said, dentists have to do much less craning of the neck while treating patients.

“I’ve watched dentists simply lift their eyes to the screen during a procedure,” Hart said.

She also pointed out that “going digital” means it’s much easier for dentists to communicate with one another about specific cases.

Hart said she is especially excited about the Platinum Sensor, the latest innovation from DEXIS. The new sensor is 15 percent thinner than the classic sensor and features a direct-to-USB link, making it more portable and even easier to use.

“I am so passionate about this, I really am,” Hart said. “At the dental practice where I work, it really did change everything we do.”

More information about digital imaging is available from DEXIS.


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