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Dental Tourism in Hungary

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Dental Tourism in Hungary
In recent years the number of patients travelling to Hungary for dental treatments has doubled. Hungary has long been a very popular target of dental tourism amongst the Austrian, Germans, Swiss, French and Dutch patients. More than 50% of Austrian patients were treated in Hungary in the last 2-3 years. Often coaches full of dental patients arrive to Hungary from Switzerland.

The reason for the big increase in the interest about dental tourism to Hungary is that patients from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, even people from the USA and Canada are starting to explore the benefits Hungarian dental surgeries have to offer.

Hungarian dentists and dental surgeries are well known for their professionalism, world class state of the art clinics and affordable prices. Unfortunately with the increasing demand in the market less professional and reliable dental surgeries, with only average techniques and equipment and with less experienced staff appeared in Hungary.

Even while searching on the Internet, you will come across not only famous, successful and reputable dentists\' websites but you will find less prepared and experienced dental surgeons\' sites, too.

Our aim is to protect the good reputation of Hungarian dentistry. For this reason let us help you with some useful advice in your search for a dentist abroad.
Be careful with agencies and dental surgeries that do not provide you the list and name of the dentists they are working with. A reliable and professional dental surgery or dentist will not keep its identity a secret.

Always ask information about the dentists\' professional background, education, experience, degrees, etc.

Always ask for references. (It is understandable that not all patients like to be contacted about his/her treatment for reference. However according to our experience there are always many who will be happy to speak to potential clients and patients.)

Always check what kind of guarantees the dentistry you chose provides.

Always ask photos about the surgery. If you have doubts about the facilities a certain surgery has, keep looking. You will find for sure a Hungarian dental surgery that is very well equipped and has world class and the most developed technology.

Check what kind of techniques and materials the dental surgery uses. Be even more cautious if you are travelling abroad for dental implants and crowns. (If quality is important to you, choose the bit more expensive, but well developed and widely tested ones. These will last for much longer. Many agencies and dentists only indicate on their pricelist \"implants\" or \"crowns\" but do not specify the type they use and offer.

Most of us run a very busy life. Even if you are a busy person, do not rush the treatment: implants need a certain healing period. Otherwise the best result can not be reached. Implants need 2-3 visits to the dental surgery and need at least 3-7 days stay at a time. Do not trust in dentists that promise shorter healing period and require less visits.


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