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New software for dental implant

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New software for dental implant
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For dental exhibitors, the EAO congress is the perfect place to introduce their latest products. Materialise Dental, supplier of 3-D digital implantation equipment, has two new programs on display: the 3-D implant planning solution SimPlant GO and the SimPlant 15 software for virtual teeth design.

With SimPlant GO, users can avoid surprises during surgery because it enables them to plan the implantation optimally. With SurgiGuide—another Materialise Dental product—this planning is then transferred into a fully predictable surgery. SimPlant GO’s intuitive navigation is easy to learn, according to the company. Dentists can familiarise themselves with the software within minutes and no additional training is necessary.

The solution has been specifically designed for dentists without a cone-beam scanner in their office. “Although CBCT is the way of the future, not everybody is willing to invest in it yet. And now dentists have a great, low-threshold solution to getting started with computer-guided implantation,” explained Bert Van Roie, Product Manager for SimPlant at Materialise Dental.

“We strongly believe there is a place for our earlier products so we will continue to invest in their future, and new versions of SimPlant Planner, Pro and Master will be released this autumn,” remarked Bart Swaelens, Materialise Dental CEO. “Expanding our portfolio is our way of ensuring that the best implant planning software and surgical guides on the market reach the widest audience possible.”

SimPlant 15 enables clinicians to place implants confidently and restore teeth with precision and accuracy, Materialise Dental stated. The clinical, restorative and aesthetic planning can all be done with one software package, with more options for shaping and positioning the virtual teeth freely and more easily than ever before. According to the company, there is no need to purchase extra software licences or to learn how to use additional software modules.

Users can simply generate a virtual simulation of the final restoration for a complete visual of the implant outcome. The size, position and orientation of the virtual teeth can be precisely adjusted with just a click of the mouse. The extensive implant library filters a list of abutments corresponding to their implant selection, from which users can choose. They can evaluate how the chosen abutment supports the crown and maintains the natural appearance of the papilla and surrounding soft tissue.



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