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Conical internal connections will fuel growth in dental implant market

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Conical internal connections will fuel growth in dental implant market
The dental implant and bone graft substitute market is the most rapidly advancing segment of dental technology, and leading competitors in this market must consistently develop new products supported by research from scientific and academic organizations to remain competitive. Recent cases have demonstrated that when companies lose a segment of support from the scientific community, their market shares tend to suffer significantly.

The European dental implant and bone graft substitute market has been further challenged by recent economic instability and the eurozone crisis, which has created a consistent demand for lower-cost dental implant products. As a result, many lower-priced competitors have begun to seize larger market shares in almost every European market. In many segments, these competitors are either regional or sourced from overseas markets such as Brazil, Korea and Israel. Regenerative products and barrier membranes have been particularly affected by consumer austerity, as these products are discretionary in many cases. However, a growing number of consumers continue to demand high-quality products, guarantees of service and scientific improvements, which only premium manufacturers are equipped to offer. Conical internal connections is one such recent innovation, and currently constitute the fastest-growing connection type in the dental implant industry.

Many dental implant and bone graft substitute companies have looked to expand their product portfolio or create new markets while they create package deals to offset competition from rapidly emerging lower-priced competitors. Significantly, many European and U.S. companies involved in this market have begun to invest in rapidly emerging periphery markets such as Turkey.

Increasing prevalence of conical internal connections
Dental implants are connected to final abutments in one of three ways: internal connections, external connections or single-unit devices in which the implant and abutment are already attached. Furthermore, internal connections have two subsegments: butt-joint internal connections and conical internal connections. Research has shown that a lack of intimate fit of the implant in the abutment or movement of the implant can provide an area for bacterial growth. Conventional butt-joint connections provide a connection that can result in micro-movement between the implant and the abutment, creating a pump effect for bacteria into the connection area. When bacteria are present in the micro-gap, they can cause inflammation, tissue recession and bone loss. Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that, on average, conical connections offer a smaller micro-gap than butt-joint connections, in addition to a greater mechanical level of stability. As a result, conical connection types have become hugely successful in the dental implant market, and the majority of leading dental implant manufacturers have introduced conical internal connection products. Conical connection types will continue to represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the dental implant market.

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