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A simple, esthetic & inexpensive technique for a custom implant abutment

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A simple, esthetic & inexpensive technique for a custom implant abutment
In implant reconstruction, the dimension from the implant platform to the crest of tissue, especially in esthetically critical areas, is often more than 2 mm. Many implant manufacturers supply a straight abutment for cement with the implant, which significantly can reduce the cost to the dentist. However, these abutments tend to have a margin about 1 mm tall, which limits their use to relatively thin tissue.

The problem with using a short margin abutment with thick tissue is that the margin ends up in an area where it can be impossible to clean up all the excess cement, leading to periodontal infection ('cementoma'). There are several options available currently:

• Purchase an abutment with a taller machined margin, which the dentist can prep to the desired height and contour. This can work, but there is the additional expense of the abutment and the possibility of the metal abutment showing through thin tissue.

• Zirconia abutments, which can be either prepared or custom milled, such as the Atlantis abutment. These work well but add expense to the case. The zirconia is also always a white color.

• A third option is herein described, where the straight abutment is modified with porcelain to create a custom abutment at minimal cost and improves esthetics.

This patient desired a dental implant to replace tooth #8. She was referred by another general dentist for this treatment, and she was not interested in other cosmetic treatment of her other teeth.

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