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Esthetic crowns provide a durable restoration for decayed primary teeth

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Esthetic crowns provide a durable restoration for decayed primary teeth
Esthetic crowns provide a durable restoration for decayed primary teeth
by Sierra Rendon, DTA

CHICAGO, USA: NuSmile offers practitioners easy placement of esthetic stainless-steel crowns for children, said Diane Johnson Krueger, CEO and president of Houston, TX-based NuSmile Primary Crowns. “Stainless-steel crowns have always been the restoration of choice for ease and durability for children whose teeth are affected by early childhood caries (ECC), but parents and doctors have never been happy with the esthetics of these restorations,” she said.

NuSmile was first introduced in 1991, and though other companies have similar products, Krueger said the company is set apart by its quality and durability.

“There are a few other companies that have similar products, but NuSmile has performed with consistently higher results in laboratory studies that measure things such as fracture and fatigue resistance, color stability and wear,” she said. “Also, in two separate surveys of pediatric dentists, more dentists preferred NuSmile crowns than any other esthetic pediatric crowns offered.”

Dentists can quickly learn the NuSmile technique for properly fitting crowns.

“The technique for placing Nu-Smile crowns differs a bit from the technique for placing standard stainless-steel crowns,” Krueger said. “We have a great instructional DVD with actual patient cases that demonstrates exactly how to prepare the tooth and seat a NuSmile crown.”

NuSmile crowns are offered for both anterior and posterior deciduous teeth.

“There are currently two shades offered; they are sold in kits and individually with no minimum order,” she said.

What’s the main thing to remember when considering NuSmile crowns?

“Easy placement, not technique sensitive like a strip crown. Full coverage protection of remaining tooth structure, just like a stainless-steel crown,” Krueger said.

“Good esthetics for many years; these crowns are extremely durable … more so than strip crowns or any other esthetic-coated crowns available,” she said. “Our company is dedicated to beautiful, healthy smiles for all children. NuSmile anterior and posterior crowns are anatomically correct, stainless-steel crowns with the most natural-looking, tooth-colored facing available.”


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