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Cosmetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is a sum of interventions needed in order to have perfect teeth in terms of aspect and functionality.

In order to have beautiful teeth and a charming smile, people use more and more cosmetic dentistry. Modern technology and specialization of the dentists make this technique to be more and more requested.

The duration of a cosmetic dentistry treatment varies from procedure to procedure and from person to person. The state of your teeth before the treatment is a determinant factor of the duration.

The standard cosmetic procedures that are made in our clinic are:

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening can be one of the easiest and most satisfying procedures that we perform for our patients. We are pride to offer various options for teeth whitening that are personalized according to the desire and the need of each person. From the whitening made at home to the accelerated whitening made in the clinic, the patients can enjoy a more bright and shiny smile in a short period of time.

One can choose different whitening methods according to the own needs:
Brite Smile

Ceramic veneer
Veneering is the newest method to use art and science of the cosmetic dentistry. The most important Hollywood stars understood that a shinny smile made by veneering can change essentially the presence, attitude and communication.

The veneers made up of laminated porcelain are a "shell\" put on the external face of the teeth to improve and correct the aspect.

The porcelain veneers give the teeth a natural aspect, do to lack of metal, offering translucence similar to that of the natural teeth. The porcelain surface is very smooth and impenetrable, reason for which the veneered teeth will never change color.

The veneers are meant to fit to the face of the patient, to his personality and, in the end, to make him simile again.

Dental crowns
The crowns are used both for re-creating the front teeth, as well as the posterior ones, that are broken or might break as a result of too big fillings or fractures. We use a variety of materials in order to produce them. We work with one of the best technicians in the country, in our own lab, and we are happy to produce crowns that are seen and are perceived as natural teeth.

Dental bridges
The bridges are fixed dentures or that can not be removed and are meant to replace one or more teeth that are missing. Teeth that are limiting the existing spaces are used to anchor the bridge, to give functionality as well as aesthetics. Now we can create porcelain bridges on a basis of various metals, as well as integrally made of porcelain or based on resins, in order to obtain the best result for each particular situation.

Fillings that have the same color as the teeth
The dental techniques permit us to combine beauty with resistance when we fill the teeth. This includes the substitution of the old fillings made of amalgam (sometimes named silver or mercury fillings) that darkened color in time. We are very proud to "reconstruct\" teeth at the original resistance, with an improved appearance, using resins and ceramic.

Dental bonding
Bonding with composite resins is used to repair fractures, and to laminate (cover) the teeth, in order to improve the image. Usually, this procedure is made in a single session without any discomfort to the patient. In this way we can contribute to the realization of one of the most beautiful similes in the country as a result of our experience.

Gum reshaping
Unequal gums can play tricks to a smile, making the teeth to look distort, big or with an unusual shape. We can correct a simile affected by the gums by their mould in order to give a better shape to your teeth.

Corono-Radicular reconstruction
Sometimes, due to degradation, fractures or other reasons a tooth can be affected in such a way that the part of the tooth just above the gum line does not exist or is not enough to support only one reconstruction. There steps in the corono-radicular reconstruction.


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