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Bonding for crooked and broken teeth

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Bonding for crooked and broken teeth
Bonding is a treatment that is used for repairing slightly damaged or cracked teeth. It is a painless procedure that is mainly used in cosmetic dentistry. Bonding can be used to fill gaps between teeth, align crooked teeth, cover minor cracks and repair tooth decay to a limited extent.

Bonding is the specialized application of a white resin to the damaged area of a tooth. Your dentist will match the resin to the natural color of your own teeth in order to ensure a natural look when you smile.

The flexible resin can be applied to existing cavities, or even molded and shaped to bridge gaps or cracked and broken teeth. The material hardens or bonds to the original tooth when your dentist directs a special light to the area they have repaired.

Advantages for Bonding:

Here are a few of most important advantages that bonding has:

- It is certain to work out cheaper than choosing crowns or veneers.

- The process is quick, which means you can have several teeth fixed at one sitting.

- Anesthetic is usually not required. Most patients find the bonding process less intrusive than say visiting the dentist for a regular oral hygiene session.

- Bonding is suitable for adults and children too.

Tooth bonding is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to restore their smile, and can be done quickly, effectively and at relatively low cost as well. It is a technique sure to enhance your self-esteem while fixing worrisome issues with your teeth. Be aware though that most dental bonding procedures may require a makeover every 10 years or so, depending on life-style issues and a sensible tooth-care program.

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