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Home page » Dentists USA » Florida Dentists » Dentist in Florida | Eurodent Inc

Dentist in Florida | Eurodent Inc

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Florida, United States of America
Zip code: 29622

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Eurodent was formerly known and conducting business throughout the United States as COMBO USA. I bought them out some years ago and took over what I found to be a very beneficial line of interdental products. The product line has expanded some under my guidance but a lot of the original items from COMBO are still available. COMBO/EURODENT have in total been making these outstanding products from Europe available in the States for a total of 18 years. Over this period of time our interdental and personal hygiene items have grown in name recognition and have gained the respect of periodontal professionals and their patients.

I'm so glad you found our little home on the web and hope that you enjoy the online presentation of our products and find some items of a personal interest to you. Your questions and comments are welcome as we strive to provide you the best customer support possible. Thank you for your visit here and thank you for using EuroDent products.

Chris Dollenmeier
President of Eurodent Inc.

Tags: EuroDent products, dental products, dental, dental supplies, interdental hygiene
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