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    Medical News Bénéfices de l'orthèse d'avancée mandibulaire dans le traitement des apnées obstructives du sommeil
    Le syndrome d’apnées obstructives du sommeil (SAHOS) constitue un risque de santé non négligeable qui nécessite une prise en charge de la part des spécialistes des voies...
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    Medical Dictionary Refraction
    Refraction, in opthalmology, is the bending of light that takes place within the human eye. Refractive errors include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Lenses...
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    Case Studies What is bruxism?
    Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of the teeth, which often occurs when a person is sleeping. When you bruxe, the force of your teeth is many times greater that during normal chewing. These...
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Dentists Skopje


Dental Macedonia

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: Skopje, Macedonia, Europe
Dental Consultation & diagnostics
Dental X-ray
Panorama X-ray
Dental Hygienic Treatment
Laser Tooth whitening profesional
Root apex resection (Apicotomy)
Extraction of tooth

Eterna Dent

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: 190 Orce Nikolov , Skopje , Macedonia, Europe, Zip code: 1000
на веб страната на центарот за дентално здравје ЕТЕРНАдент.

Ве покануваме да ја разгледате и се надеваме дека ќе ги најдете одговорите на сите прашања околу нашите услуги, најнови по

Mediana Dental

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: 73/1 Salvadore Aljende , Skopje , Macedonia, Europe, Zip code: 1000
Description: Our clinic in Skopje...
is a small approved dental practice, but also a modern luxuriously equipped office that uses highly sophisticated Dental technology and Dental materials. It is run by experi

Mediana Dental

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: 73/1 Salvadore Aljende , Skopje, Macedonia, Europe, Zip code: 1000

Dent Estet

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: 138 Pirinska, Stip, Macedonia, Europe
Description: Dent Estet is focusing on its customers' health, providing them with personalized services. Our team consists of young and highly skilled specialists, guided by principles of integrity and empathy.

Our attention for details improves the...


Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: 42 AVNOJ Blvd, Skopje, Macedonia, Europe, Zip code: 1000
Description: Well-trained, responsible, pleasant, patient staff
+ advanced modern equipment, high quality dental materials,
= professional services, exceptional dental care, acceptable prices

Rendevski Dental Clinic

Dentists Europe » Dentist Macedonia
Adress: Ruzha Delcheva, Bitola, Macedonia, Europe, Zip code: 7000
Description: RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic accommodates the latest in dental technology as well as enhancing the experience of exceptional quality care for our patient. Our modern, personalised treatment centre offers c
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