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Dentists Prague


Trindadent Dental

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 2165/48 Vinohradská, Praha, Czech Republic, Europe, Zip code: 12000
Description: Služby Pražské rodinné zubní ordinace
Vítejte u Trindadent, zubní ordinaci pro celou rodinu, přímo v centru Prahy. V přívětivém prostředí poskytujeme vysoce kvalitní zubní péči pro lidi všech věkovýc

Dental studidental studio of Zdena Celisova

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 790 Komenskeho, Liberec, Czech Republic, Europe
Description: Very close to the German border and nearer to Dresden than Prague, the dental studio of Zdena Celisova offers professional dental treatment at accessible costs.

We speak English and German and we are experienced
in treating international...

Apollonia dental centre

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 6 Bartošova, Brno , Czech Republic, Europe, Zip code: 602 00
Description: The Apollonia Dental Centre has been offering its services since 1992.

This longtime experience and operative duration has proved that our philosophy of dental approach is right.

No wonder, the same concept has proved to be right in...

Aries dental centre

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 552 02 Velky Trebesov , Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, Europe
Aries Dental surgery and dental specialists in Velky Trebesov - Hradec Kralove:

In 1999 due to its continuous growth, the company was transferred to a new location - a complex of surgeries and laboratories situated in the town Velky...

DENTECH ltd. Telc

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: Masarykova, Breclav , Czech Republic, Europe
Dentech is a private dental laboratory.

We employ 6 fully qualified dental technicians, who are up to the highest quality standards of full-assortment production of fixed-protetics, removable protetics and orthodoncy.

In the range of...

Dental surgery of MUDr. Jiri Rohla

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 692 Revoluční, Třemošná, Czech Republic, Europe, Zip code: 330 11
The Dental surgery of MUDr. Jiri Rohla is composed of a completely operative and professional team of dentists, dental nurses, and dental hygienists.

We provide our patients with comprehensive dental care based on professional knowledge...

Millenium Dental Care

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: Millennium Plaza V Celnici, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
Dental Services available

Professional Cleanings
scaling, polishing
Fluoride Treatment
protects the biting surfaces of the teeth
Tooth Whitening
It can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades (Brite...

Dental Laboratory Czech Republic

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: Chodska , Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, Europe
Description: Dental Doctor Mrs. Alice Mikulcova,

In our Dental Laboratory we can offer you the newest technology available, with many payment options for all our dental services: Bridges
Ceramic replacement
Oral surgery and Treatments

Dentist Dana Sabatova

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: Horice, Hradec Kralove , Czech Republic, Europe
Description: Dentist Dana Sabatova dental surgery was established
in 1993 and is in the historical center of Horice in the Hradec Kralove Region.

We are equipped with three seperate dental stations with top modern dentistry equipment and the dentists,...

Private Dental Clinic

Dentists Europe » Dentist Czech Republic
Adress: 3414 tř. 1. máje , Břeclav, Czech Republic, Europe, Zip code: 690 02
Description: The current Private dental clinic is a continuation of my own dental surgery which came into existence in Břeclav at the beginning of the 90s.I came back from my six months study stay in Canada where I got the feeling that there was something...
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