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Home page » Dentists Europe » Dentista Portugal » Cris Piessens Clinic

Cris Piessens Clinic

Cris Piessens Clinic

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Rua dos Calicos, Edificio Calicos do Mar,
Portugal, Europe

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Clinic description
During the last decade dentistry has changed probably more than any other field of medicine. "21st-century-dentistry" has become highly specialized, uses modern technologies and recently developed materials. No more slow–speed drilling, painful manipulations, leaving with unattractive, health-jeopardising, mercury-containing amalgam fillings. The age of aesthetics, comfortable treatment and natural strong fixed tooth replacement has arrived and is part of our daily life.

Oral Hygiene:
Having your teeth cleaned is a first step to achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. Our hygienists graduate from a three-year university course. Instead of scaling with sharp "hooks and knives", they will remove all debris and plaque with gentle, soft vibrating ultrasonic scalers and polish away stains using a powder jet with micro pearls of salt, leaving the tooth surface smooth and clean.

General Dentistry:
Before further treatment your dentist now will use digital X-rays to diagnose any other problems. While reducing exposure to radiation to absolute minimum the X-ray is seen instantly on the computer screen, allowing the doctor to zoom in, change contrasts and even visualize in 3D. Nowadays there is a very large spectrum of tooth – colour – like filling materials like resin composite, glasionomers or pure ceramics to enable your dentist to treat your teeth and restore them as naturally as possible. To embellish your smile the option of veneers or full ceramic crowns is the most reliable choice. It is a fast and spectacular way to improve your looks.
After preparation of the damaged or badly positioned teeth, impressions are made with a silicone paste. Recent developments permit the dental laboratory to read the preparation surface with a CAT – scan, send it by computer to the NobelBiocare Procera® factory in Sweden where they will prepare the base of your new tooth structure in zirconium. When cemented in the patient’s mouth the procera crowns are free of any metal and will never show any ugly visible dark edges.

For those patients who belong to the lucky few that do not need any treatment, a Smartbleach® laser bleaching can provide you with a "Hollywood" smile in no less than one hour. A powerful green energy beam activates a red bleach - gel, resulting in a fast tooth whitening with an improvement of about seven shades. No more sensitive teeth after sleeping a week with a mouth guard while swallowing peroxide gel to obtain a result that is neither predictable nor stable. Laser bleach is the newest and safest technique.

Dental Implants:
Human mankind has struggled for centuries to implant new teeth and obtain a well functioning and strong result. Today specialized dental implantologists can realise this "miracle". Pure titanium screw-like artificial roots are implanted to support a full bridge, a single crown or to stabilize poor fitting dentures. The removable pink resin denture has found its way to the museum!
"Teeth in One Hour" is a concept where through computer simulation the implants are first placed virtually, then a sophisticated software transforms the computer work of the dental surgeon into a 3D surgical guide and also already creates your new teeth. All this permits the surgeon to install your dental implants and new, functioning fixed teeth in just one morning.

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