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Home page » Dentists Europe » Dentist United Kingdom » Dr Simon Nery

Dr Simon Nery

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20 Wimpole Street,
United Kingdom, Europe
Zip code: W1G 8GF

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Mermaid Clinic Home Teeth Whitening Webshop
Effective and professionally approved home tooth whitening kits for guaranteed long-term results and minimum sensitivity

Home teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular way to administer cosmetic dentistry procedures with lasting results. The Mermaid Clinic home teeth whitening WebShop offer a wide range of home tooth whitening products in different concentrations for whitening purposes. The procedures use the same active ingredients as chair-side procedures. However - you have far more control over when and where you administer teeth whitening treatment when you use a home bleaching kit.

Teeth whitening treatment generally consists of wearing two comfortable pre-moulded teeth whitening trays containing a whitening gel. The trays can be worn for several hours daily - depending on the type of whitening gel used - and can show significant results in 5 - 10 days without damaging the teeth if professional advice is used correctly.

Purchasing home teeth whitening products from The Mermaid Clinic home tooth whitening WebShop means that you will benefit from our unique 4-in-one whitening concept of combining the following qualities:
Carefully and professionally selected products - by top cosmetic dentists - approved by dental authorities worldwide
Essential whitening-information in "The Ultimate Guide to Effective Home Teeth Whitening"
Comfortable and easy-to-use teeth whitening gel trays
A free 14-days support for additional advice from a professional cosmetic dentist

In addition to that:
Products combining high quality and unique whitening formulas
Competitive prices and speedy worldwide delivery for your convenience
Continuous scientific research into significant product development
The choice of either Hydrogenperoxide - for day-use - or Carbamideperoxide - for night-use - within the teeth whitening gel formulas
Unique and scientifically developed formulas of desensitizing, enamel-rebuilding and protecting ingredients with guaranteed efficiency
Pre-calculated optimum teeth whitening gel quantity for minimum costs and easy cleaning of the trays
Products with extended shelf life

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