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Home page » Dentists Europe » Dentist Albania » Dental Clinic TIRANA CENTER



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Rruga Dibres, pall.85 kat.2,
Albania, Europe

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Clinic description
TIRANA CENTER Cosmetic&Laser Dentistry

Our Dental clinic offers service to international /out of state clients.
We can schedule a day or multiple days to diagnose and treat a patient.
Utilizing a holistic approach to dental health, our expertise, and the latest dental technologies, our patients can often have all necessary treatment performed in a day or two, at high quality than available in most other states or countries.

Services: Dental Laser Treatments: Root Canals, Disinfection, gummy smile, and all others lately made by conventional way.

Dental Porcelain: Crowns & Bridges with LAVA Zircon, 24K gold-Gramm, Titanium, Empress Estetic, E.Max, Captek. Cosmetic: Veneers no-prep, Laser Whitening, and much more.
Dental Implants are made by Laser.

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