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Orofacial pain

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The following questionnaire may help you know if your pain and discomfort could be due to your masticatory muscles and the TMJ.1. Do you have pain in your jaw when you chew or open wide?
2. Does your jaw feel tired after chewing or a dental visit?
3. Do you suffer from headaches on the side of your head?
4. Do you have difficulty in opening your mouth wide?
5. Does your jaw make noises like clicking or grinding when you chew or open wide?
6. Do you suffer from ear pain or dental pain that does not respond to normal medical or dental treatment?

We offer a comprehensive program to control chronic orofacial, head, and neck pain. The most common symptoms that patients have are: headaches, yaw pain, jaw clicking and popping, painful opening and chewing, neck pain, ear aches, and toothaches.
Pain patterns may look like this:

Headache that originates in the temporalis muscle is very common among headache sufferers.

Ear aches and tooth aches that don’t respond to normal treatments may be due to referred pain from the muscles of mastication. Also the jaw joint (TMJ) is right in front of the ear canal, so pain in this joint may be felt as ear pain.

A treatment program is tailored to each patient’s needs which will include from 3 to 6 visits, and can be programmed in 1 to 2 weeks. After this the patient will be taught a maintenance program which will be followed at home, to continue managing the problem. In many occasions a mandibular intra oral appliance will be made to help control habits and bruxism. The rate of success after 1 year is very high if the patient continues to follow a simple maintenance program at home.

In most cases the treatment will not involve medications.

We can also combine this treatment with other dental needs such as dental restorations and Periodontics. Many patients have visited us from the United States, Canada, and Spain, and since the treatment, have been able to feel free of pain.

Price: unspecified

Tags: orofacial pain, temporomandibular problems

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Clinica Baldor
Date added: 5/13/2009
Expiration date: 3/24/2013
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Orofacial pain
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Dr. Norman Weinstein
Dr. Norman Weinstein

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