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Dental care in Rio de Janeiro

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If you are in Rio and need dental care, visit us at Multi Oral . Multi Oral is a group practice, with lots of experience that provides quality dental care for patients of all ages using the latest equipment and techniques. Our receptionists and dental specialists are trained to provide service to tourists and can speak English.

At Multi Oral we provide a variety of services ranging from emergency care, quick procedures with immediate results such as teeth whitening, fillings, cosmetic procedures, to complex treatments. We will always discuss treatment options with you and give an estimate for the total treatment time before the process begins. Sometimes patients come to Multi Oral for a cosmetic treatment and they are diagnosed with something more complex, such problems in the gums or in the tooth base. Because your oral health is our main concern, in such cases we will address your dental issues prior to performing the cosmetic procedure.

Safety is our top priority. Our staff employs strict procedures for infection control to ensure that our office environment is clean and safe. After each procedure we disinfect the rooms, sterilize all of our instruments and use disposable materials.


In order to speed up your treatment, send us an e-mail: specifying what is your dental need, when would you like to have your treatment done, your arrival date and the length of your stay in Rio. We will return your message, make suggestions and ask you some questions in order to design a treatment plan and come up with a timetable.

For the more complex cases we generally request diagnostic photographs and models in advance. This way we can design your treatment plan before your arrival, therefore providing a shorter and more efficient treatment.


If you are currently working in Rio de Janeiro but will be returning to your country, don't leave your dental visit for the last minute. Many treatments do require more than one appointment. At Multi Oral we offer the convenience of having a team of dental specialists on the premises. This means faster and more efficient treatments by saving you time from having to go to different clinics.

In Brazil there is an increasing number of adults using orthodontic braces and investing in cosmetic procedures. Medical procedures such as liposuction, botox, and silicone prosthesis are becoming very common, as well as any procedure that will improve your aesthetic features.

At Multi Oral we can improve your oral health so you can have the smile you've always wanted. If you need to return to your country and have your treatment interrupted, we will recommend one of our dental colleagues in your country to continue the treatment. We also use materials that are known worldwide. For dental implants, for example, we use Nobel Biocare for its renowned quality and worldwide network of distributors. Our priority is to provide long lasting treatments and so we conclude every step in the safest way possible.

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Tags: Dental care in Rio de Janeiro, Multi Oral, cosmetic procedure, health, Tourists, Ex-pats, dental visit, liposuction, botox, silicone prosthesis, oral health

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Dentist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Multi Oral
Date added: 2/23/2009
Expiration date: 3/24/2013
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