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Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns — a new porcelain top for your tooth

Teeth take a beating whether you realize it or not. They are subjected to tremendous amounts of biting pressure, very hot things, very cold things, highly acidic food, lots of sugar, bacteria and tooth decay. It’s a wonder teeth hold up as well as they do.

Sometimes, however, teeth need help. If a tooth is damaged badly enough, the best treatment is to make a new porcelain top for the tooth--these restorations are called dental crowns.

A crown is usually made of tooth colored porcelain, though they can be made of silver or gold metals. It is custom made for your tooth in a dental laboratory. Once it is placed on your tooth, you have a tooth that is nearly as strong as a new tooth.

Why are they done? Patients frequently have very large old fillings in their teeth that wear out and need replacement. Replacing a very small old filling with a new one is pretty straight forward. Replacing a very large old filling is not as simple. Just placing a newer (and larger) very large filling in the tooth isn’t the answer. Doing so can lead to broken teeth, pain, more drilling, root canals, extractions and a lot of unpleasant things that can sometimes be avoided by doing a crown before conditions worsen.

Why is that you ask? Perceptive question. The answer is strength. Filling materials were designed to patch small holes in teeth. They weren’t designed to rebuild the whole top of a tooth—they just aren’t strong enough.

Dental crowns are made of high strength ceramic material (or gold if you wish) and are much stronger and more durable than filling materials. They are ideal for rebuilding teeth and are generally the most durable and effective way to fix a compromised tooth. With the advanced materials we have today, they can be made to look extremely natural and beautiful.

How is a crown made?

There is a fair amount of work involved in having a tooth crowned. The following is meant only as a broad overview of the process. Each patient is unique; each tooth is different. Generally however, it works like this: the dentist numbs the tooth to assure your comfort. Next, the dentist removes all the old filling and any decay present in the tooth.The dentist then carefully shapes your tooth to accommodate a crown. A mold called an impression is made of the properly prepared tooth and a temporary, plastic crown is made to cover and protect your tooth. This step is necessary because the mold of your tooth must go to a dental laboratory where the porcelain crown is custom-built by hand for your tooth. This process can take 2-3 weeks. At you next visit the temporary crown is removed, the porcelain crown is adjusted for you and then it is cemented to your tooth.

You now have a strong tooth that will look good, feel good and last a long

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Dentist in Florida | Weith Dental Care, P.A.
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Dental Crowns
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Dr. Norman Weinstein

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