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Tampa Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers, porcelain veneers, porcelain laminates, veneers—what are they, and will they work for me?

I will try to answer these questions and give some insight into the thought process a dentist might use when recommending veneers. All of the above terms refer to the same thing. A thin piece of porcelain is used to create a specific tooth shape and color and is bonded to the front of an existing tooth. Those little wafers of porcelain can turn an unappealing smile into a beautiful smile in as little as two visits.

Some of the reasons for doing dental veneers are:

Closing gaps between teeth
Changing the color of the teeth
Making the teeth appear straighter
Lengthening or shortening the teeth
Combination of all or some of the above

When are veneers the right solution? If the desired results can be obtained by changing the front surface of the teeth only, then veneers may be the right choice. They are appropriate when the teeth are not too crowded or overlapped, when there are no cavities in the teeth, or they are very small. Also, the person’s bite must not be destructive. If little or no natural tooth needs to be removed, to accomplish the desired result, then veneers will probably work. Communication with your dentist about how you want the final result to look is the most important step in the veneer process.

When might your dentist say veneers are not the best choice?

If the patient has severe tooth wear from heavy grinding
If spaces between the teeth are too large
If the patient does not want to do the required number of teeth to get the results they want
If the existing fillings or cavities are too large
If there is too much crowding

How long will veneers last? No dental restoration will last forever. Plan on needing to redo sometime in the future. The average is 10-15 years, but this varies. What you do with them after you leave the dental office has a big influence of the life of the veneers. Daily brushing and flossing, regular dental check-ups and cleanings, care in how you use your teeth (not as tools to open things…), and how you eat with them are all factors.

The younger you are when you first get veneers, the more times they will need to be replaced. For the very young, consider deferring treatment for a few years, or consider other options. Gum levels are still changing between 16 and 25 years old, so veneers done during that time may end up looking too short. If dental veneers are not the right solution for you, there are probably other alternatives that will work better in your case.

At Weith Dental Care, we start with a conversation about how you want your teeth to look, then, when we thoroughly understand what you want we will make recommendations. Veneers are a wonderful way to get that beautiful smile you have always wanted.

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Dentist in Florida | Weith Dental Care, P.A.
Date added: 4/14/2010
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Tampa Dental Veneers
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Dr. Norman Weinstein

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