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BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

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BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth is one of the most popular treatments to improve and invigorate a smile. The BriteSmile procedure brightens a smile in one office visit, often making the color of teeth many shades lighter.

Standing to benefit most from this state-of-the-art tooth whitening system are teeth that are stained from wear-and-tear over time as well as the effects of certain beverages and foods, such as coffee, tea, red wines, etc.

And whitening under our patented blue light for about an hour really works wonders. It´s really an exciting dental visit. Usually patients relax, kick back and watch a DVD movie or listen to calming music—while they await the results of their new lighter smile!

For many patients, this procedure is the first step in remaking a smile with cosmetic dentistry. Following the whitening treatment, newly placed all-porcelain crowns and/or veneers or dental bonding material are matched perfectly to the new lighter color created by the BriteSmile, tooth whitening session.

Here´s how BriteSmile works:
Patients meet with the doctor to review the procedure, and talk about the results they can expect for their smile.
Patients relax in our BriteSmile suite, while our technician takes before photos to record the original color of the teeth.
The technician prepares the mouth for treatment.
The technician places a soft holder to gently hold back the lips during treatment.
The technician applies a special gel to protect the gum tissue.
The technician applies a special bleaching gel on the teeth that will react with the special blue light to lighten the color of the teeth.
The technician reapplies bleaching gel to the teeth every 20 minutes for about an hour–until the session is complete.
The technician removes protective gel from the gums and removes bleaching gel from the teeth.
The technician snaps a photo of the newly lightened teeth.
The technician presents before-and-after photos to the patient to view the results.
The doctor reviews the results.

To learn more about how BriteSmile treatments can work for you, please contact the Washington Center for Dentistry today to schedule your initial appointment. We serve cosmetic dentistry patients in Maryland, Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area.

Price: unspecified

Tags: BriteSmile Teeth Whitening, Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia

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Dentist in Washington | Washington Center for Dentistry
Date added: 4/1/2010
Expiration date: 3/24/2013
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BriteSmile Teeth Whitening
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