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Home page » Dentists South America » Paraguay Dentists » Dentist in Paraguay | The Giving Hand Foundation

Dentist in Paraguay | The Giving Hand Foundation

Dentist in Paraguay | The Giving Hand Foundation

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4314 Wyo Road,
Paraguay, South America
Zip code: 27055

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Clinic description
In October of 2003, The Giving Hand Foundation
extended its reach a few notches south of the
Equator to bring desperately needed dental
services to the small, land locked country of
Paraguay in South America.

The 2003 dental clinic was housed at a local health
post in Maria Blanca, a humble community located
just outside the nation’s Capital city. Community
residents, as well as regional health officials
helped to coordinate services. More than 167
patients received treatment!

The dental team was exposed to local culture,
eating typical home cooked meals, sipping from
the traditional “yerba mate gourd”, boarding as
guests with a local family, and participating in
evening dances, outings, and other cultural

Dental missions to Paraguay can become a life
changing experience for all involved as both host
and visitor learn about giving, sharing, and
embracing differences.

Plans to return to Paraguay in October of 2004 are
underway. If you are interested in learning more
about this exciting mission opportunity, or making
a contribution to the project, please contact
Brandie Hicks at:

The Giving Hand Foundation
4314 Wyo Road
Yadkinville, North Carolina 27055

Tags: The Giving Hand Foundation, Equator
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