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Home page » Dentists South America » Argentina Dentists » Dentist in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Dental Argentina

Dentist in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Dental Argentina

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1621 Laprida,
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Argentina, South America

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Clinic description
We are a team of dentists located in exciting Buenos Aires with vast experience in different fields of dentistry. We believe that constant training and up to the minute knowledge are a couple of the most important factors when providing a service that makes patients satisfied with all their treatments.

We are also certain that a sense of aesthetics and human warmth bring every case to its best conclusion, this is why each of our procedures is approached with commitment, top materials and delicate work.

As a consequence of our effort we achieve accurate results and trust from all those who come close to our service.
Our services:
Dental Implants
Crowns & Bridges
Porcelain Veneers
Fillings & Bondings
Dental Bleaching
Root Canal Treatment
Periodontial Treatments
Emergency Care

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