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Home page » Dentists Asia » Azerbaijan Dentist » RealDent Orthodondic Clinic

RealDent Orthodondic Clinic

RealDent Orthodondic Clinic

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str. 13/2,
Azerbaijan, Asia
Zip code: 1025

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am so glad that you are interested in my site. And now I'd like to give you some information about myself and the work of our clinic.

My name is Suleymanov Igbal Real oglu. I'm a stomatologist-orthodontist.I graduated from the Azerbaijan State Medical University with honors. I'm working at the Children's Stomatological Centre as a doctor-orthodontist. I have the necessary qualification in orthodontia from the appropriate courses and seminars.

In 1999 I passed the courses of orthodontia (fixed edgewise techniques) at the Moscow State Stomatological University in the department of the Professor L. S. Persin.

In the same year I attended Prof.Ronald H. Roth world wide International seminars who is known as one of the founders of straight wire appliance techniques (brackets) and I received the Certificate of Completion. For more profound study of straight wire appliance techniques (brackets) I passed the courses at St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry (United Kingdom 2000) and I was awarded the Certificate of attendance.

In 2001 I had received an official invitation and grant to take part in the First World Edgewise Orthodontic Congress, which was held in Seoul, Korea from October 19 to 22. This grant was presented to me by the Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee, one of the founders of the orthodontic school in Korea, a prominent orthodontist, Prof. IL Bong. Kim.

I participated at an internal training course about Lingual Technique N/M* (Pforzheim, Germany 2002).

In May 2004 participated in segmental technics seminar organized by Professor Ravinda Nanda, Connecticut University, USA.

My professional experience, the present state of Stomatological service in our republic, an exceptional number of problems which must be and should be solved had brought me to the decision to open the first specialized orthodontic clinic.

Orthodontia is a sufficiently many-sided branch of teratology where a complex and deeply professional attitude to the patient is necessary. In orthodontia such branches as parodontology, therapy, orthopedy are combined. Proper and exact diagnostic is one of the inalienable conditions of successful solution of orthodontic treatment. Our clinic uses the most modern methods of diagnostic, the newest medical equipment and the most progressive methods of orthodontic treatment.

In our experience, many people have problems with abnormal bite, incorrect position of the teeth, their density and disturbance of occlusion. These problems have a great influence not only on the psychological state of a person, but also his attitude to himself and to the others. From 2000 I am collaborating with German company " Forestadent" and use their orthodontic production. I consider that the production of the company "Forestadent" is one of the highest qualities in Europe and in the world.

Our clinic solves these problems, too. We correct the bite, eliminate the defects of occlusion and as a result we change the dentofacial features of a person. So, a man undergoing our treatment gets a great moral satisfaction, becomes self-sufficient and it is of great value because he gets rid of a number of inferiority complexes or shortcomings and becomes more sure of himself. Thus, an orthodontic treatment is necessary not only from an esthetical but also from a functional point of view. For example, the density of the teeth brings on dental caries, parodontosis and incorrect occlusion. We solve all these problems. Solving the orthodontic problems, we simultaneously take preventive measures, i.e. we prevent possible or feasible dental diseases. As a result of orthodontic treatment a person's smile becomes free, confident and beautiful. A man experiences joy in full measure. We guarantee an attractive and beautiful smile.

"Smile freely". This is the motto of our clinic.

Be happy and confident.

Enjoy your life.

I'd like to express my great gratitude to all who always believed me, supported morally and hoped. I am thankful to all my teachers, colleagues, to my relatives and near ones, to my patients. I could not achieve my present professional level without their support and help. Many thanks to all of them. With great respect and best wishes: Suleymanov Igbal Doctor-orthodontist, the member of Russia Orthodontists Professional Society, member of the World Federartion of Orthodontists.

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