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Home page » Dentists USA » Arkansas Dentists » Dentist in Arkansas | National Park Dental Group

Dentist in Arkansas | National Park Dental Group

Dentist in Arkansas | National Park Dental Group

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307 M Carpenter Dam Road ,
Hot Springs
Arkansas, United States of America
Zip code: 71901

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Clinic description
We believe in a practice of "preventative dentistry"; that is, to preserve your natural teeth for life and maintain your oral health at an optimum level. It is our goal to eliminate currently existing problems, and also, to show you how to personally control dental disease and enjoy a healthy mouth.

Periodic dental examinations and care generally result in a healthy, comfortable, and attractive mouth and smile with only a modest expenditure of time and money. Neglect is usually expensive in terms of comfort, health, appearance, time, teeth, and money.

Initial Examination

Before dental disease can be treated, it must be recognized. The more comprehensive the examination, the more intelligently we can recommend the best dental care for you. Therefore, a complete medical and dental history, necessary x-rays (including a panoramic x-ray), a thorough clinical examination, and study models of your teeth are procedures which help us to analyze your dental conditions.

At the conclusion of your examination and diagnosis, we will discuss the conditions present and recommend proper therapy.

We wish our patients to know that all professional services rendered are charged directly to the patients, and the patients are personally responsible for payment of fees. We will prepare the necessary forms so that you will be reimbursed for your payments by your insurance company.

It is suggested that you read your policy to be sure that you are fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided, and that you look upon your insurance realistically as a reimbursement to you in part for your dental services.

The office is a PPO provider of Delta, Bluecross/Blueshield, and Teamsters insurances.

Payment is to be made in full at each visit for treatment rendered at that visit unless other arrangements have been made.

Also, we accept all major credit cards and Care Credit.

It is our responsibility to render a complete and thorough examination and diagnosis and to explain this diagnosis to you the patent in detail to make you fully aware of your oral condition. Also, we will make every effort to treat all patients gently and thoroughly during the course of treatment.

We feel extremely fortunate to have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your dental problems. If we can be of any assistance in any way, may it be scheduling, services, fees, or any inattention from our staff, we will be happy to discuss it with you personally.

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